Creating Your Self Care Practice

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Welcome to Lotus Dragon Studio Blog. I will take care to create a space for your self-care at my practice. Here are a few ideas to help create your space for daily practice of #selfcare.

“Self-care is like having tea. Where 'care' means to fill your own cup and 'self' means you get to enjoy it. ”

Create A Space

The space we create for our special time should be selected with care. As you've heard time and again- let it be some where that is free of distraction (or if that's not possible an excellent pair of noise-cancelling head phones will do). Make it comfortable- for instance; when it's hot out and knowing we have no air conditioner...the pool will do! OR; during the fall and winter it gets a bit brisk out, so I'll get my favorite cozy clothes, some pillows and sit outside. OR... what ever strikes you as the most relaxing place to be at that moment in time! The point being... it changes!

I always wanted to create that ONE spot... perfect for a magazine cover and always clean and ready for me...but I can't afford that type of life style- so I will adapt and change just as the trees in the ever changing seasons. This is what I urge you to also accept and embrace- creating a space each and every time knowing that it can change from one day to the next.

Find A Self Care Method

It's overwhelming to see how many methods of Self-Therapy / Self-Care there is! So let's brake it down to some simple questions:

  1. Do I need to just breathe deeper today?

  2. My mind is out of's got to stop!

  3. Going in to fill Cup of Tea....Cheers!

Obviously this doesn't cover everything... but it gets the point across! If you are #1 than we need to look at what's called #Pranayama (breath work), to see which breath work we need for that moment. Many of us suffer from #2 which moves us into guided meditation. #3 seems to be a rare occasion where everything is going almost perfectly and this is just a pick-me-up... (soak it up my friend), this leads us to more of the ancient Yoga which includes the body, pranayama, and meditation all into one beautiful movement.

Just remember that it can take some of us TIME to find the right method(s). And those methods will change depending on our ever changing needs. So it is in this moment that we sometimes find our Self Care method to be #Research. Not what you had in mind?...Understandable! It is a concept that I still have trouble accepting when my current list of methods aren't working and I need something RIGHT NOW! How ever the act of research will help lead you on a path of Self-Care that works...and your #Journey to healing has thus begun!

Self Care Together...It doesn't Have To Be Lonely

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