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Updated: Oct 11, 2020

One way to keep your calm,

Is to receive a massage to work out the built up tension. For many of us, our way of life has changed dramatically, and for others the changes are just enough to still cause heightened stress. Though L.A. county is one of a few in the state of California still not allowing self care unless provided outside... it still can be done and is MORE IMPORTANT than ever!

“I've gained 10lbs and I feel so stressed out.”

A human's ability to handle stress over a long period of time with out recovery is poor. Our adrenals become drained, our muscles tense up as a protective reaction, cortisone (a stress hormone) runs through us causing mood swings and bad eating habits.

Stopping the Viscous Cycle

#SelfCare is not just for the rich, the bored, or the medically in need... it's caring for YOU! I can't count the amount of times I've heard people talking about weight gain during this 2020 Pandemic. It's not just because you're bored and at home near the fridge (although that wouldn't help). It's more likely that it's due to a stress response in the body saying "HEY SELF, we gotta eat FAST burning fuel like SUGAR and lot's of SALTY things 'cause we are in FIGHT OR FLIGHT MODE...AHHHH!!!" and there starts the cravings, the binge eating habits, the loss of motivation to get moving, over/under sleeping, and BAM...mood swings and the "OMG, I literally R-O-L-L-E-D out of bed today because my ____ was hurting...I feel so old!". Let's stop this viscous cycle!

  1. You aren't alone... know this!

  2. Stop and listen- Is your body is telling you to make time for selfcare

  3. Schedule it (if you must)

  4. DO IT!

It's hard at first... it's one more thing to remember when our mind is already freaking out with the changes and- "can I even remember what I had for breakfast yesterday?!" type feeling. Knowing how important this is for the longevity and/or quality of your life will help motivate you. Not enough?- then tell yourself that if you don't, than some one else will take YOUR spot that you DESERVE!

Massage is one of the best ways to reduce tension, give yourself a much needed break and to hit the "reset" button. It's a selfcare method that works. And can you believe... your reading a blog from a massage therapist who actually can provide the outdoor space for your massage! I hope you have found something helpful in this blog, and perhaps even the motivation needed to take the necessary steps in taking care of YOU!

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