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Updated: Nov 26, 2020


How do I stay on top and ride the waves of Life with more ease?

"Everything in moderation, including moderation" Oscar Wilde

What does it mean?

What does moderation mean to you? Is it something we do daily? Maybe an accumulation of what we do weekly? Is it synonymous with consistency?

Let's start with the fact that in no way have I mastered moderation in all aspects of life. But it is something that keeps coming around to my attention. I remember hearing a guru talk about going through life like how one would surf the waves. Each wave brings with it different circumstances that we must overcome- the easiest way is to ride it out...the hardest, is to crash and tumble through it. So what defines a wave in life? I guess that could be anything from big life events down to the smaller events like the changes in our daily plans.

Have you ever started your day with a list of ideas of what that day will look like and inevitably each item on that list seem-ably goes a totally different direction than intended?! My typical reaction to this starts with a large sigh and rolls into frustration and a moment of silence to pay respects for the expectation that just died. I imagine the Guru's interpretation of this to be; Alli started out laying on top of her surf board anticipating the next wave, planning her way through it unaware of its approach. As she made plans of her imagined wave- the real wave crested... Alli and her board crashed and tumbled into frustration and the struggle against what the wave is, versus what she imagined it to be.

This brings us to a very sad looking Alli! Obviously it doesn't always look or play out that bleak. In fact, some how I find myself body surfing my way through and making it to the next wave hoping to be a little more aware and to do it with a little more grace and style. Of coarse a two year old doesn't make anything easier- but the pains of her growth are beautiful and makes me smile every day!

So back to making it through lifes' challenges with a little more grace and style- a little moderation could probably go a long way. Firstly- moderate my expectations. I know that with a little person in a small living space means anything I expect to do likely wont happen the way I imagined... or at all. That I must learn to breathe and roll with it. Maybe even think of it as working a little to stay on top of the wave, play a little while riding the wave, look around sometimes to see the beauty and also to focus a bit so I don't fall off. That my friends is a balance of moderation!

Have I mastered it?... no, have I put it into action?...I definitely try! And of course since this is a Massage blog... I can say with certainty that I am best at bringing moderation to the massage table- to ride the wave of seeing with my hands and determine the needs of my clients body. To listen to their stories in hopes of a glimpse into the root cause of their discomfort. And then to take all the knowledge and apply every skill I know to invite the body body to change toward comfort and ease. Everything in moderation to ride the wave of therapeutic body work as successfully as I can. This is my goal for life as a whole... moderation with a surf board!

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